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Forward Pay

Forward Pay is a hybrid of our current post-pay and pre-pay plans. Under Forward Pay, you pay all due funds up front plus get the region's best services including data, texting, and more.

In short, you get the best of both plans.

Why Forward Pay?

Forward Pay Prepaid Plans Information

Forward Pay Bundle Plans

The flexibility of pre-pay. The features of post-pay

An activation fee of $20.00 is required on all Forward Play plans. Overages outside the Appalachian Wireless service area are subject to additional fees. Service requires renewal every 29 days to re-up the account.

Any Phone Bundles

Carry an phone in our lineup with unlimited talk and text

1GB Data
5GB Data
10GB Data
Unlimited Data
$79.99 (Unlimited data offer available for limited time only. Data speeds will be slowed to 512Kbps after 25GB per line on phones/tablets.)

Tablet Bundles

Data-only bundles for use with tablet devices

3GB Data
5GB Data

Cash Balance

An account balance will allow you to continue service without interruption once you have depleted your allowed minutes, texts or data. It will also pay for data subscriptions, downloads, premium text, directory assistance and/or other subscribed services you may choose to access.

Forward Pay Plans

Forward Pay - Talk

150 anytime minutes
350 anytime minutes and 100 night/weekend minutes (nights began at 8 PM EST and end at 6 AM EST).

Forward Pay - SMS Text

200 texts
500 texts
1000 texts
Unlimited texts

Forward Pay - Data


Forward Pay Lite (Voice Only)

125 minutes
250 minutes
375 minutes

Forward Pay Details

Forward Pay - Talk

* Night & Weekend minutes begin at 8:00 PM and end at 6:00 AM.
Overages: $0.08/min

Forward Pay Text

Overages: $0.10/send, $0.02/receive

Forward Pay - Data

* 1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1,024 Megabytes (MB).
* 4G LTE is only available on certain devices.
Overages: $19.99/GB

Forward Pay Lite(Voice Only)

Comes with free Caller ID