Frequently Asked Questions

What does a protection plan protect my device from?
Pretty much everything. Leave it at a coffee shop? Take it for a swim? Break the screen? Our “No Hassle” experience will get you a ProtectCELL certified device in just a couple of business days.
Who is eligible for the program?
Customers can enroll at the time of purchase of a new device, or within 30 days with an in-store inspection. If a customer enrolls at the same time they purchase a new device, the plan becomes effective immediately. If a protection plan is purchased after the initial point of sale, a 30-day wait period is placed on the device and no claims can be filed within that first 30 days.
How long do I have to make a request?
Requests can be made at any time, so long as the plan is still in effect.
How do I request a ProtectCELL certified device?
There are two ways to get in touch with someone from ProtectCELL’s top-notch customer service team:
  1. Call 855.831.4164 - Available 7 days a week, 9AM–Midnight EST
  2. Log on to and click “Replace My Device” - Available 24/7/365
What paperwork is needed to make a request?
None! It’s a big part of ProtectCELL’s “No Hassle” process.
Will my certified device be the same as my original?
Every effort will be made to send out devices that are exactly the same as the original. However, in some situations the ProtectCELL certified device will match the original in all the important ways—features, capabilities, gadgets, etc.—but may be different in other less crucial ways, like color.
Why do I have to pay an admin fee if I am already paying a monthly charge?
A ProtectCELL plan works like many other protection-focused products—there’s a recurring fee to keep the protection plan, then an additional cost whenever you need a ProtectCELL certified device. The good news? It’s still significantly cheaper than paying the full retail price of a new device!
Where can I find out more details?
Here are the full plan Terms and Conditions. You can also ask your local store representatives for more details.