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Data is the ability to send and receive information over the World Wide Web via phone (this is how it applies to Appalachian Wireless). Your phone, once set up on data, will act like a basic 56K modem and can be used to access the internet.

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WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol which means that it is a simple web browser built into the phone that allows for webpage browsing. Simple in this case means that you won't get the full, elaborate webpages as seen on a PC. WAP webpages are mostly made up of words because the phone can't support full webpages.

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Pricing for sending and receiving pictures will be set according to how many kilo-bytes the picture is and what data plan you are on. A typical picture sent over the Appalachian Wireless network usually ranges from 15-30 kilo-bytes.

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You can send pictures to your email. Please remember this requires a data package.

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More than likely something is missing that is needed for picture mail to work. Text messaging (as long as it is at least enabled is all you need), a data package (enabled is all you need here as well), and a MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) capable phone are all required to get picture mail working. Call customer service (1-800-438-2355, and select option 2 from the menu) if you are unsure about having any of these features on your account. Please note that picture messages may only be sent to other Appalachian Wireless customers.

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The speed of the Appalachian Wireless data network is measured in Kilobits (kb) per second. However, the amount of data transmitted over the network is measured in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB).

Bit A unit of information that represent a single character.
Byte A unit of information composed of 8 bits.
Kilobyte 1024 bytes (measuring the number of kilobytes tells you the size of a file and/or the amount of data you have used).
Megabyte 1024 Kilobytes (measuring the number of megabytes tells you the size of a file and/or the amount of data you have used).
Gigabyte 1024 Megabytes (measuring the number of gigabytes tells you the amount of data you have used)

Application Approximate Size
E-mail (1 text page without attachments) 3 KB
Word Document (5 text pages) 70 KB
Typical Web Page lookup 300 KB
Low Resolution Digital Photo 500 KB
PowerPoint Presentation (20 pages text & light graphics) 3 MB

Note: The above examples are just estimates, based on approximate size assumptions. Actual file sizes and user experiences will vary. Graphically intense pages or pages with video can exceed 3MB.

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Yes, most of the phones offered by Appalachian Wireless can be used as a wireless modem anywhere you have a digital 1x signal. We also have wireless PC cards that eliminate the hassle of carrying cables and phones with you in order to get access to the Internet. Due to the high number of kilo-bytes used while viewing HTML pages via your laptop or home PC, it is STRONGLY recommended you contact a customer service representative to monitor your data usage frequently.

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To perform this is actually quite easy once you get the basic steps down. You can either send the picture as soon as you take it or you can save it and then send it later. Either way, it is basically the same steps once you hit the "Send" button either in the options of your saved photo gallery or as soon as you take the picture.
Once you select "Send", most phone models will open up an address window and a message window. Some phones (like Nokia), will offer the option to send to number or email right up front while other models will just open up an address window. When sending picture mail, just be cautious of which type you select or see. After this it is just as simple as typing in the 10 digit phone number to send it to another phone or typing the full email address and hitting send. The receiving party should receive the picture within a few minutes!

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EVDO is mobile broadband! EVDO, or Evolution Data Only/Evolution Data Optimized, is a 3G mobile broadband technology used by many carriers that provides typical speeds of 600-1400kbps download (with bursts up to 2000kbps) and 144-300kbps upload completely wirelessly. You take the Internet with you and surf the web in your car, on the train, in the airport, at a convention, on the road in your RV, where available. You can even share the connection with multiple computers using a 3G router, just like you would with your broadband connection at home!

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Please be aware that no camera phone should be used or bought to be used solely as a camera because you will be disappointed in the quality of the picture compared to what a digital camera can do for you. With that being said, if you still want to attempt to print your pictures you should do the following: Send the pictures you want from your phone to an email address. Then check the emails and save all of the attachments to your PC. USB cables, drivers, and software can be used for some models of phones as well but emailing is MUCH easier. Now save the picture files to some type of mobile storage device such as a CD or San Disk card and take them to a printing device/location. Insert your storage device and proceed to print your pictures at the Kiosk. If you have a phone with a memory card slot, then you can skip the emailing step and just can save pictures directly to the MMC/SD card in your phone. Pull out the card and take it to print your pictures! Yet another option available on some phones is to use Bluetooth and communicate with your phone and the Kiosk. Please note some phones do NOT support Bluetooth file transfer of this type. This is an option designed by the manufacturer and it is not something that can be added.

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Yes. All you would need to do is fill in the address of your phone and the message will arrive via a text message. Your phone's SMS (or text messaging) address is your 10 digit cell phone number For example, if your phone number was 606-477-2355 then your phone's email address would be which would be placed into the "To" column of your email. The only restrictions to this are that the phone will mainly receive plain text emails. This means that no attachments or special fonts will come through and even some long plain text emails may be broken into many smaller text messages to allow the phone to receive them all. You will want to be cautious of this before sending because every message received will be charged according to the text messaging rates or your SMS plan.

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For any other questions, you may contact us here or call us directly with your questions/comments by dialing *611 from your Appalachian Wireless cellular phone, or you may contact us by dialing: (606) 477-2355.

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