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HTC Hero 2.1 Upgrade

Make your Hero faster, stonger & better with the authorized Android 2.1 Upgrade from Google, HTC and Appalachian Wireless. Simply follow the instructions below or download the instructions from the link above and experience the power and freedom of the new and improved Sense touch interface from HTC.

The software upgrade provides several key enhancements for your HTC Hero:

Before you proceed, please confirm that this software upgrade is a newer version than what is currently loaded on your device. If it is the same version and your device is operating normally, there is no need to reload the software. To determine what version is running on your device navigate to Home > Menu > Settings > About phone and tap on Software Information. If your software version number is lower than the version listed in the package, you should proceed with this upgrade.

Before you run the ROM Update Utility (RUU), make sure you have done the following:

How do I update my HTC Desire?

  1. Make sure HTC Sync is installed on your PC. If not, visit HTC to download it.
  2. Click the link below to download the upgrade file.
  3. Connect your HTC Hero to your PC with the supplied USB cable.
  4. If HTC Sync appears, cancel out of it.
  5. Run the upgrade file you downloaded.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to install upgrade.

Backup your contacts to your SD card

  1. Tap People
  2. Press Menu button
  3. Tap Import/Export
  4. Tap Export to SD Card
  5. Tap Phone (if it asks)
Download (114 MB)   Print

WARNING: During the upgrade process, do not attempt to make/receive calls, press any buttons on your device or disconnect the device from the USB cable as this will stop the update and your device may be rendered inoperable! If you have a problem with the connection between your device and PC be sure to check the connection type in your device. This can be done in the device via Settings menu-> Connect to PC. Ensure that "HTC Sync" is selected.

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