Apple Watch Series SE - Tutorials & Guides

Getting Started

Updating iPhone to the latest version of iOS
Keep your phone up to date by checking for new software regularly. A new Operating System (also known as an OS) version may have security patches and performance improvements for your device.

Updating Carrier Settings on iPhone
Keep your device updated to ensure you have the latest security patches installed on your device.

Setting up Apple Watch

Setting up the Watch for the first time
Follow along to set up and activate your Apple Watch for the first time (or after a factory reset). After these few steps, you'll be able to begin using your Apple Watch.

Activating Cellular Service

Connecting your Watch to a cellular network
In order to connect your watch to your carrier's network, you need to set up cellular on your device. Some carriers may require you to enter an APN to connect to their network.

Messaging and Calling

Signing into your Apple ID
Sign into your Apple ID account to sync information across all of your devices. Purchases made on one Apple device can be shared with other Apple devices that are signed into the same Apple ID.

Understanding Apple Watch connectivity
Your device has cellular network access. Learn how to check the status of the cellular network your device is connected to.

Setting up Wi-Fi calling
When Wi-Fi calling is on, your device can make and receive calls via Wi-Fi networks. Your device will choose to make calls via Wi-Fi or over a cellular network based on which signal is stronger at the time.

Sending and receiving iMessage over cellular
iMessages can be sent between Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac devices. iMessages may have some additional effects depending on your device such as text effects or Memojis.

Sending a text
Compose and send a standard SMS message with your device's text messaging app. You can send a text message to an individual or a group.

Replying to a text
Text messages that come into your device will appear in your notification panel. Learn how you can view the messages that arrive in your notification panel and respond to them.

Changing message settings
Change the text messaging settings for your device. You can change your notification settings, change your default SMS app, auto-download MMS text, and more.

Placing a phone call
Using the dial pad in your device's phone app, you can call a new phone number that is not associated with a contact. You can also make calls to your contacts that have phone numbers associated with them.

Calling a contact
Use your saved contacts to call them instead of typing out their number from memory.

Using handsfree calling
Using the Google voice assistant widget, you can ask your device to call a contact or phone number for you. The Google voice assistant allows you to use your device hands free.

Using Apple Watch

Understanding Watch buttons and features
Explore an interactive view of the Home screen and buttons on your device. Learn about various icons, buttons, and features on the front of your device to find where they're located and what they do.

Getting to know the back of Watch
Discover features on the back of your device with an interactive view. Learn the location of your camera, buttons, and more.

Using the display
Learn how to navigate your watch face to access your additional watch displays, the control center, and the notification center.

Using the Digital Crown
Explore the different functionalities of the digital crown on your Apple Watch.

Using the side button
The side button of your Apple Watch has many different functionalities. Some of these functionalities include viewing your recent apps, quickly using Apple Pay or powering off your watch.

Unlocking the Watch
Discover how to unlock your Apple Watch with a security passcode. Locking your watch with a passcode secures it from unauthorized users.

Changing apps to list view
Changing the way your apps are listed on your Apple Watch.

Changing the language
The default language of your device can be changed. You can also add additional languages if you are multilingual. Learn how you can change the language of your device.

Charging your Watch
Learn how to charge your device to avoid running out of battery power. Keeping your device's battery well-charged will allow you to use it throughout the day without interruption.

Powering off your Watch
Learn how to shut down your device. Turning your device off and on is a common first step of troubleshooting your device. You may also need to turn your device off if you're entering an area that does not allow cell phones.

Watch Face

Switching Watch faces
Your Apple Watch comes with a wide variety of watch faces. Learn how to switch between different faces directly on the watch.

Customizing a Watch face
On your Apple Watch, you can choose different designs, adjust the colors and set up complications to your watch face.

Adding a new Watch face
Learn how to set up a new watch face on your main screen. You can remove the watch face later if needed.

Deleting a Watch face
If there is a watch face that you no longer use then you can delete it from your watch's home screen.


Accessing settings
Your device settings lets you change options for things such as alert sounds, turn on or off GPS, adjust network settings, change the time, and more.

Using Power Saving Mode
Learn how to manage the battery on your device. Taking care of your battery will extend your battery life.

Using Power Reserve
Power Reserve lets you see the time on your Apple Watch while preserving your battery life. While your Watch is in Power Reserve, it won't communicate with your iPhone, and you can't access other Watch features.

Turning off Background App Refresh
Some apps run in the background even when you navigate away from them. Learn how to prevent an application from running in the background. This can help your device operate faster.

Turning off Location Services
Sharing your GPS location with applications such as Maps can be turned on or off. You can change these location settings across your entire device or per app.

Hiding notification details
Learn how to change your notification settings. You can turn off notifications for things you don't need to be notified about or change the frequency of other notifications.

Turning on Do Not Disturb
Discover how to enable Do Not Disturb on your device. When Do Not Disturb is enabled, calls and alerts will be silenced.

Performing a factory reset
A factory reset will erase all data from your device and is irreversible. This is good to do if you are going to trade in or sell your device. It will wipe all of your personal information from the device.

Checking for software updates
Keep your phone up to date by checking for new software regularly. A new Operating System (also known as an OS) version may have security patches and performance improvements for your device.

Turning passcode on
Setting up a passcode on your device will help keep your information secure. A screen lock will prevent others from getting into your device unless they have the necessary credentials.

Turning off Wrist Detection
Discover how to turn off wrist detection on your Apple Watch. If you're using a passcode, wrist detection locks your watch when you're not wearing it, so your information stays secure.


Sending an email
You can send emails from your device from any email account that has already been set up on your device. An email can contain an attachment or just text.

Replying to an email
You can set your device to notify you when you get an incoming email to one of the email addresses set up on your device. From the email notification in your notification panel, you can reply to the email without opening the app.

Changing inbox views
If you have multiple email addresses set up on your device, you can switch between them in your device's email app.


Starting a conversation in Walkie-Talkie
Learn how to send messages back and forth seamlessly by using the Walkie-Talkie feature.

Adding a contact to a conversation
Learn how to add a contact to a Walkie-Talkie app conversation.

Uninviting a contact in Walkie-Talkie
Learn how to remove a contact to a Walkie-Talkie app conversation.

Wireless Connections

Pairing with a Bluetooth® device
Connect to other deivces via Bluetooth to share media such as music or videos. Bluetooth devices can be anything from your stereo in your car to a keyboard to type on your mobile device with.

Using airplane mode
Airplane mode, also sometimes referred to as flight mode, can be used to quickly disable cellular service, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity while flying. Learn how to turn airplane mode on and off for the device for your next plane trip.


Taking a picture
Pictures taken with your device will be saved in a gallery or photos app. You can adjust settings of your device's camera before taking the picture.

Zooming in and out
Zoom in or out while taking a video or before taking a picture to make the subject of your shot look the best.

Changing the flash setting
You can update the preferences for your device's flash while taking a picture. The flash can provide light to a low light picture to make the subject more visible. You may want to turn off flash if you are in an area that prohibits the use of flash.

Taking a selfie
Learn how you can use the front facing camera of your device to take a selfie picture or video.

Capturing and viewing screenshots
You can take screenshots of what is on your device. Screenshots can be viewed and shared like pictures.

App Store®

Downloading an app
You can download an app or widget onto your device from your device's app store application. Once downloaded onto your device, you will be able to use that application or widget.

Deleting an app
Uninstall an app from your watch while deleting it from your device at the same time. It is also possible to delete an app from your watch without deleting it from your device.

Uninstalling an app from Watch
Removing applications or widgets will free up space on your device. Once you remove an application or widget you will not be able to use it again unless it is downloaded again.

Apple Pay®

Setting up Apple Pay
Discover how to set up Apple Pay on your compatible iOS device. Once set up, you can make payments directly from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Removing a card from Wallet
Discover how to remove a card from your Wallet directly on your Apple Watch.


Using turn-by-turn directions
The Maps application can help guide you to your destination. Learn how to use Maps on your device to navigate to any location with turn-by-turn directions.

Viewing your location
You can search for restaurants or other businesses that are near you and then filter them based on criteria such as rating or price.


Using Siri
Once enabled, you can use a device button to launch Siri. Siri can do things like send a text, send an email, or start a phone call for you.

Using Siri handsfree
Have Siri answer questions, make recommendations, send messages, place calls, find the best route home and more by using Siri handsfree.


Setting up Activity
Set up your device's activity tracker. It can help you keep track of things like the number of steps you have taken in a day, calories you have burned, or exercise you've done throughout the day.

Viewing your activity summary
Learn how to view your weekly activity summary on your Apple Watch. Your weekly summary describes your weekly fitness activity, which includes calories burned, steps, distance, and steps climbed.

Updating your move goal
Discover how to update your move goal directly from your Apple Watch.

Starting a workout
Explore how to start and end a workout directly on your Apple Watch. You can view more details and manage your workouts in the Activity app on your iPhone.

Checking the noise level in your environment
Protect your hearing by using the Apple Watch built in microphone to check the volume of noise in your surroundings.

Tracking your menstrual cycle
Learn how to track your menstrual cycle by selecting what type of period you had, what symptoms you had, and if you had any spotting.


Viewing your notifications
You can manage your iPhone notifications directly from your Apple Watch. Discover how to view, respond or dismiss notifications from your Apple Watch.

Using the Control Center
Learn how to access the control panel on your device. Your control panel has access to short cuts for things like the flashlight, wifi status, do not disturb mode, and more.

Using the Dock
Learn how to use the Apple Watch Dock. The Dock lists your most recently used apps, similar to viewing your open apps on an iPhone.

Using Voice Memos
Record a memo with your voice to listen to later if you are unable to type out your thoughts at the moment.


Using emergency SOS
Emergency SOS lets you quickly call for help and alert your emergency contacts. Your device will begin to call emergency services for you if you enable Emergency SOS.