News and Updates

New Tower: Meta – August 13th, 2018
We are pleased to announce our new Meta site located in Pike County near hwy 119 and 194 intersection providing voice/1x and 3g data to the Meta community and surrounding areas.

4G LTE expanded for Eight Locations – June 26th, 2018
We have added 4G LTE services to the Sidney site in Pike County. We also added increased 4G LTE capacity at the following sites:

  • Soloman Branch (Letcher)
  • Kona (Letcher)
  • Allen (Floyd)
  • Martin (Floyd)
  • Hindman (Knott)
  • Perkins Branch (Knott)
  • West Liberty (Morgan)

New Tower: Sidney – May 7th, 2018
We are pleased to announce our new Sidney site located in Pike County. It provides voice and 1x/3G data service on Hwy 119 between Meta and Canada.

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