3G Shutdown Phone Check

At Appalachian Wireless, we are constantly striving to enhance our network and relationships with roaming partners to provide the best possible experience for our customers. These enhancements can lead to significant changes as older technologies are replaced with newer ones. One such change is expected to happen later this year. By December 2022, we expect that older 3G services will be turned off on our network, as well as the networks of many of our roaming partners across the nation. In order to prepare for this 3G shutdown, we need to ensure you have a device that is set up for VoLTE service.

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The list below contains previously-sold Appalachian Wireless devices that do not support VoLTE and will lose service after the 3G Shutdown.

Unsupported Devices List

Please note that the above list only covers previously sold Appalachian Wireless devices. Customer-provided equipment may need additional verification.

If you still have questions or concerns regarding your device status, you can give us a call at (800) 438-2355 or stop by a local Appalachian Wireless retail store.

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