TNS Call Guardian®, brought to you by Appalachian Wireless, will display these labels on your phone to give you more information about the calls you are receiving.
TNS Spam Call
Potential Spam
This call is from a number which makes a high number of unsolicited calls, such as a telemarketer.
TNS Scam Call
Potential Scam
This call is from a number that may be trying to steal money or information.
TNS Fraud Call
Potential Fraud
This call is from a number that is highly suspected of being related to criminal activity such as identity theft or financial fraud.
Please continue to use your judgment and be cautious! Not all fraudulent calls will be labelled. Labels are based on data and are not always accurate.
If you feel that calls you have made or received have been labelled incorrectly, you can submit a report here:
After submitting a report, TNS may not respond directly to the report. But, the feedback has been received and filed to the proper parties.
If you prefer to speak to someone, you may call Appalachian Wireless at 800-438-2355.

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