Business Solutions

Whether you need one device or twenty, Appalachian Wireless has the best plans and devices available for your business to succeed. Appalachian Wireless' top-notch Business Support Team stands ready to assist you and your business, giving you the clear powerful support you've come to expect from the best service provider in the region.

Why choose Appalachian Wireless for your business?

Appalachian Wireless has several advantages over the national carriers when it comes to providing cutting-edge wireless solutions for your business:
  1. Specialized plans for your unique business needs.
    No two businesses are alike so why be stuck with rigid wireless plans that don't fit your needs? Appalachian Wireless' stellar Account Executives can work with your business on unique plans that are perfect for your business' needs.
  2. The best devices for your business.
    Whether you're a law enforcement agency seeking the proven durability of a device like the Sonim Armor or you're a coal company looking for a cost-effective way to keep an eye on your truck fleet, Appalachian Wireless has the best devices available for you. Our Product Specialists test every device through a rigorous checksheet inspection before we sell any device ensuring that the device provides not only the best signal quality but the best user experience as well.
  3. We're local just like you.
    We don't outsource. You don't have to navigate a confusing IVR menu. When you call (800) 438-2355, you'll be able to speak with a dedicated Business Support Specialist based out of Ivel, Kentucky who will be able to work with you to resolve any issues you may have.

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