Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

An update regarding the Keep Americans Connected Pledge:

What did the pledge do?

  • We waived late fees that any residential or small business customers incurred because of their economic circumstances related to COVID-19.
  • We did not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.

If you took part in this pledge:

  • Please contact (or have an authorized user on the account contact) customer service to arrange your payment agreement. (800) 438-2355
  • Pay 20% of your total balance up front, then the remaining balance will be split into payments over the next 12 months and added to your monthly invoice total.

To avoid service interruption, payments must start before July 10, 2020

5/4/2020: Appalachian Wireless has extended our commitment to the FCC's Keep Americans Connected Pledge to June 30, 2020.

At Appalachian Wireless, we value the safety and health of our customers and employees. We are closely monitoring the events in relation to the COVID-19 virus. Keeping our customers, employees, and community protected are our top priorities.

Retail Store Updates

Beginning March 18, 2020, our stores will be restricting hours to 11am to 6pm daily until further notice.

  • From 11am to noon (closed on weekends), we are specially reserving this hour for the elderly and higher risk to come in store for any needs that require an on-site visit.
  • From noon until 6pm we will conduct normal business for the rest of the public while also practicing social distancing.
  • We have barriers in place to make certain we are keeping 6 feet of distance.
    • You will also notice marked locations signifying where to stand to maintain social distancing.
  • 10 people (or less based on size of the store) are allowed into a store at any time to comply with guidelines set for social distancing. Our employees working count towards the 10 as well.
  • If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who has been confirmed as infected, please do not come into the stores or offices so that we can limit as much exposure to our staff and customers as possible.

Contacting Us

While the stores will still be open, we still have several ways to contact us for daily needs to limit potential exposure to the virus.

  • Calling our customer service at (800) 438-2355, you can get help with your account, make payments, and troubleshoot issues. Customer service will have normal hours of 7am to 7pm M-F and 8am to 2pm Saturday.
  • You can make payments online at AppalachianWireless.com by going to the My Account option.
  • You can mail payments to: P.O. Box 630734, Cincinnati, OH 45263

Financial Concerns

As a service provider, we are committed to our communities and helping our customers get through these uncertain times. Appalachian Wireless signed onto the FCC's new "Keep American's Connected pledge - now extended through June 30, 2020 which states that:

  • We will waive late fees that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the coronavirus.
  • We will not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus.
  • This pledge is our customer commitment that will help ensure connectivity and offer assistance to customers and small businesses facing challenges from the global crisis.

Please call us at (800) 438-2355 or contact us via live chat on AppalachianWireless.com to talk about your situation in regards to the impact of COVID-19 on your finances and we will work with you to find a solution.

Network Accessibility

Keeping everyone connected during a national emergency is essential. Slowing data speeds when data caps are reached allows the network to still function properly to ensure everyone still has access to the services they need.

Protect Yourself
Avoid Unnecessary Travel

Payments can be made by:

Online Bill Pay

By Phone:
(800) 438-2355

By Mail:
Appalachian Wireless
P.O. Box 630734
Cincinnati, OH 45263