Data-Only Plans

Appalachian Wireless operates an advanced 4G LTE network that provides your home or business with the speed and connectivity that you need. Whether it's an LTE modem or a tablet device, our data-only plans provide the flexibility you need to succeed.

Price Per Device

Devices will share existing data plan with others phones/tablets on Mix and Match Plans.

Phone/tablet plans and pricing can be found here.

USB Modems
Take the Internet wherever you go with one of our USB Modem of MiFi® hotspots.

$20/mo Each
Data-Only Devices
Connect to our network with an M2M modem.

$5/mo Each

Remote Data Services

Take your internet connection wherever you go with a MiFi personal wifi hotspot.
Remote data access through LTE modems provide customers a wide variety of applications from GPS tracking of equipment and vehicles to electronic measurement. These devices can be used to measure electricity, natural gas and many other forms of measurable data.
Mobile Security
Use a mobile HD security camera to protect your home and business effortlessly and cost effectively from anywhere on our unmatched 4G LTE network.