Data Throttling

Frequently Asked Questions

If you received a text message notification from Appalachian Wireless informing you that you have exceeded your high-speed premium data amount and have questions about what this means and how it affects your wireless experience, please review the FAQ below.

What is premium high-speed data?

Premium high-speed data refers to a pre-allotted amount of 4G LTE data that is not subject to data throttling. For example, if you have an Unlimited 25 GB plan, this means that you have unlimited access to data but after 25 GB of usage, your data speeds will be throttled.

What is data throttling?

When your data is throttled, this means that the overall throughput (or speed of the data connection), is limited to a specified transfer speed. Different plans are subject to different data throttling policies. For example, the Unlimited 25 GB plan throttles at 512 Kbps but the Unlimited 50 GB, 75 GB, and 100 GB plans throttle at 1 Mbps.

How can I monitor my data usage?

iOS and Android both have ways to track data usage on the device level. For iOS devices, you can visit this Apple support article for information on viewing your data usage. The instructions vary for Android devices, please visit our Device Support Portal for further guidance with your device.

You can use MyAppwire, our online self-care portal, to view data usage for each line on your account. You can also give us a call at (800) 438-2355 or by dialing 611 on your Appalachian Wireless device to speak with a friendly representative to discuss your data usage.

Can I add more premium high-speed data?

Yes. You can add a 5 GB premium data add-on to your line for $35.00 by speaking with Appalachian Wireless Customer Service at (800) 438-2355 or by dialing 611 from your Appalachian Wireless device.

Does data throttling affect calls or texting?

No. Data throttling only refers to the sending and receiving of data over 4G LTE. As such, your calls will not be affected in any way.

In regards to texting, you may notice that the sending or receiving of texts or iMessages containing media (such as photos) may take longer as these require your data connection.