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What is CDMAless?

What is CDMAless?

A CDMA-less device is one that has no 3G or 1X capability (CDMA) built into it. A CDMA-less device will not pick up any 3G or 1X signal, even if you are in a place that had full 3G or 1X service before. The device will only pick up 4G LTE/5G signal.

Until recently, most smartphones had both 3G/CDMA and 4G LTE capabilities built into them. Oftentimes, data would be accessed via 4G LTE, and voice calls would be handled via the 3G/CDMA network. On a CDMA-less device, LTE handles both voice calls and data. It handles data just like before and handles voice calls via Voice over LTE or “VoLTE” for short.

Why is CDMAless the future?

VoLTE allows users to talk on the phone while also using data. In other words, you can browse the internet while on a call. This is not possible on traditional CDMA calls.

VoLTE calls are also high definition. On a VoLTE call, you will notice a much clearer calling experience compared to 3G/CDMA.

Nationwide networks have been slowly turning off 3G/CDMA for about a year now. Lack of VoLTE capability often led to customers having poor service while roaming. All customers with a CDMA-less device will have VoLTE capability.

What impacts does a CDMA-less device have on cellular service?

Since 3G/CDMA will not function on these devices, the customer must have 4G LTE/5G signal or Wi-Fi in order to use data. For voice service, LRA/Band 13 customers must have a 4G LTE/5G signal. Since Wi-Fi calling is available on the EKN LTE/Band 12 network, those customers
can make voice calls with either 4G LTE/5G signal or Wi-Fi.

Please note, Wi-Fi calling for LRA/Band 13 is still in development. Less coverage can be expected with a CDMA-less device. Otherwise, A CDMA-less device will basically provide the same experience that all customers will have when the CDMA network is decommissioned in December 2022.

Published on October 24, 2022
Updated on June 27, 2023