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Why am I being charged for more than one month?

Appalachian Wireless bills for monthly access and features one month in advance. Therefore, if this is your first bill, you are billed from the date you started your service to the end of the billing cycle (partial-month, also known as proration), plus you are billed for the next month in advance.

Changes for a partial-month (proration) also occur when you change your rate plan/features. Because we billed in advance for the period when the change occurred, we must credit back what we charged for the old rate plan/feature, and then bill you the correct charge. In addition, you are billed the new rate plan/feature one month in advance.

This may also occur if you were temporarily suspended for nonpayment.

Please note when a service is disconnected we will also provide a disconnect prorate to credit you for the days of service you were billed in advance for, but did not use.  These credits will be reflected when final bill for that service is processed. 

Published on August 30, 2023