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WiFi Calling Network Configuration

Please note that WiFi calling is only supported on the EKN LTE network at this time.

In order to use Appalachian Wireless WiFi Calling, your device communicates with the Appalachian network. If you are experiencing issues with WiFi Calling, you may need to adjust your router/network settings.

For assistance with updating the configurations below, please refer to the router manufacturer's website or contact your internet provider.

IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) must be allowed.

IPSec encrypts traffic sent through the Internet. It is utilized to provide a secure voice and data communication pathway. Some routers may block IPSec messages. Please check your router configuration to determine your setting.

Ensure your router isn't blocking our ports/FQDNs.

The following data ports must be open and permitting traffic:

Port TCP/UDP Service RFC Service Name
500 UDP WiFi Calling 5996 IKEv2
4500 UDP WiFi Calling 5996 IKEv2
143 TCP IMAP 3501 IMAP

Additionally, your router should allow for the traversal of the following FQDNs (Fully Qualified Domain Names):


Published on December 1, 2019
Updated on August 3, 2020