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Data Saving Tips - Android Devices

Different Android devices use different launchers and interfaces vary so although our screenshots below may not match what your device is displaying, they should be similar. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Customer Service at (800) 438-2355, via live chat, or by visiting your local Appalachian Wireless retail store.

Monitor Snapchat for Background Data Usage

Snapchat may use an intensive amount of data in the background while you aren't even using the phone. For more information, please check out this article from AndroidPolice.com.

Set Android Data Monitor

From your launcher, tap Apps.
Tap the Settings icon.
Tap the Data usage menu.
This screen allows you to enable or disable Appalachian Wireless data as well as set up alerts if your data amount nears a specified threshold for the month. It will also shut off data so that you don't exceed the specified threshold to reduce any possibility of overage charges.
Tap the Set mobile data limit menu option to enable data usage monitoring.
When you enable data usage monitoring, it will display a prompt informing you about the feature. As it states, there may be accounting discrepancies between the amount of data it reports and what Appalachian Wireless reports. Remember you can always check your data usage online using Customer Self-Care.

Disable Background Data Refresh

From your launcher, tap Apps.
Tap the Settings icon.
Tap the Data usage menu.
Scroll down the page and you should see a list of apps that have used data on your device along with the amount of data used. If you tap on an app, you will be able to view more specific information regarding the app and its data usage.
This screen gives you detailed information regarding a specific apps data usage. Using charts, you can graph data usage per day, week, and more. If you scroll down, you can 'check' Restrict background data to prohibit the app from using data while you aren't actively using the app.

Enable Google Chrome's Data Saving Feature

From your launcher, tap Chrome.
Navigate to the menu and tap the Settings option.
Scroll down and tap on the Reduce data usage option.
Here you can enable Google's data reduction feature. When you turn this on, Chrome will use Google servers to compress pages you visit before downloading them which results in less data usage than having the feature turned off.

Apps to Help Manage Data

My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology - Price: Free
This is a free app available for download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It allows you to track data usage and monitor what apps are using the most data.

Onavo Extend by Onavo - Price: Free
Onavo Extend compresses all the data you download over the mobile network including images and text. It also provides usage reports about how and where you use the most data.

Opera Mini by Opera Software ASA - Price: Free
Opera Mini is a popular third-party web browser with very effective data compression built-in. This means as you browse, it is crunching down the size of the websites you visit making you utilize less data.

1024 KB = 1 MB; 1024 MB = 1 GB.

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