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Data Saving Tips - iPhone and iPad

Monitor Snapchat for Background Data Usage

Snapchat may use an intensive amount of data in the background while you aren't even using the phone. For more information, please check out this article from AndroidPolice.com.

Disable Background Data for Applications

From your home screen, tap Settings.
Tap the Cellular menu.
These two toggles indicate whether you have cellular data enabled and whether 4G LTE is enabled.

You can turn off the ‘Cellular Data’ toggle to stop your device from utilizing the Appalachian Wireless data network.

This is convenient if you are nearing your data limit.
This list shows applications that have permission to use your cellular data along with the amount of data they’ve used since your last reset.

You can flip the green toggle to turn off data permission for the application. Please note that if you do this, the only way the application will be able to communicate with the internet is via a local WiFi network.

Disable Facebook Video Auto-Play

From your home screen, tap Facebook.
Tap the More hamburger icon.
Tap the Settings menu.
Tap the Videos and Photos menu.
Tap the Auto-play menu.
Disable Smart Auto-play and check Use Wi-fi Only and this will stop Facebook from auto-playing videos using your allocated monthly gigabyte package.

Disable App Background Data Usage

From your home screen, tap Settings.
Tap the General menu.
Tap the Background App Refresh menu.
Here you can disable Background App Refresh entirely or on an individual app basis. By disabling Background App Refresh, you are prohibiting apps from refreshing their content when you're not actively using the app. Disabling Background App Refresh may help preserve battery life and lower data usage.

Apps to Help Manage Data

My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology - Price: Free
This is a free app available for download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It allows you to track data usage and monitor what apps are using the most data.

Onavo Extend by Onavo - Price: Free
Onavo Extend compresses all the data you download over the mobile network including images and text. It also provides usage reports about how and where you use the most data.

Opera Mini by Opera Software ASA - Price: Free
Opera Mini is a popular third-party web browser with very effective data compression built-in. This means as you browse, it is crunching down the size of the websites you visit making you utilize less data.

1024 KB = 1 MB; 1024 MB = 1 GB.

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